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Marketing Tips For Restaurant Owners During COVID-19 Pandemic

If you are a restaurant owner you understand the dramatic impact that the COVID-19 has on your business. But, you can put a positive spin on the whole situation and start making money or even increase your revenue during this pandemic with social media advertising and applying new strategies.

You may ask how? Well…Your dining room is closed, but your kitchen is open! So let’s take advantage of your kitchen and switch your focus from serving your guests in your dining room to delivery and pick up. Many other restaurant owners have done that and they are seeing amazing results. This is much better than closing your restaurant, sitting at home and hoping for a sunny day. However, having said that, you need to plan this properly with a good execution strategy to make this work.

There has never been a better time than now to review your online presence if you have one! And if you don’t, it’s a great time to start one. This is the most important tool that you need right now. For those who never believed in social media advertising, this pandemic will make them realize the importance of it compare to the traditional Paper media advertising. 


So here are a few tips and advice that has worked well for others:

1. First and foremost make sure you follow all the proper preventative measures imposed by authorities. Take a few pics of your employees with their full protection gear like gloves and masks and use these pics for your online advertising. These pics ensure your customers that you are following proper rules & regulations and care about their health and safety. 

2. Set up a proper protocol for pick up and deliveries. 

Try to make less and less contact with the pick-up person and also the delivery driver. Try to accept only a contactless form of payment like tap or bank transfer. 

Ask your pick up, clients, to stay in their vehicles and call you to let you know that they are there so you can go out and take the food to them.

3. This is the time to adjust your menu pricing. This is not the time for you to maximize your profit! Now is the time where you need to attract more customers by offering lower pricing and big portions. Consider offering family-size meals even kits meal. Increase your portion size and offer a starter, side dish or desserts for free. As you know the formula to succeed in the restaurant business is:  


4. With less and less traffic on the streets, your physical location and your signs are not effective anymore in attracting customers. People don’t know you’re open for business unless and until you let them know! How you may ask? Through online advertising. This is the most effective way, especially during a pandemic. It’s fast, easy and the best method of reaching out to potential clients.
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