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Social Media Marketing

Instagram and Facebook Advertising

Looking for a professional social media marketing agency in Newmarket? Let us help you setup high performance Instagram and Facebook campaigns to generate leads for your business and maximize your E-Commerce Sales.

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Exceptional Targeting Capability

With Facebook Ads, we can find your target audience on Facebook Among over 2 billion users and sell your products and services to your target audience.
Along with tons of different Ad types, the level of granularity you can get with Facebook targeting capabilities is beyond belief to many. Whether it be by behaviours, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, or locations, we will dig pretty deep with these targeting capabilities to maximize your sales or your other conversion goals.

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Newmarket digital marketing agency

Find Highly Qualified Leads

Get highly  qualified leads to contact you for your services, get quotes and book appointments. Social media advertising is one of the most effective channels to find qualified leads and increase your revenue to your business. We set up high performance Facebook snf Instagram campaigns  to get your target audience fill out lead forms with their information to inquire about your services.

Newmarket digital marketing agency

E-Commerce Sales

Maximize your product sales and scale your business to the next level. Our goal is to maximize your return on investment so you get the most out of your Ad spending budget.

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